Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur. A day of holiness, where Jews across the world fast, beg God for forgiveness, and remember their loved ones. In 1973, it also became a day when the Arab nations surrounding Israel decided to launch a surprise attack against the Jewish nation. Prayers were interrupted by sirens, and soldiers, in the middle of their fast and contemplative prayers, were suddenly called to the front-lines on every border of Israel. Standing on the brink of destruction, the infamous Yom Kippur War began.

Facing enemies from across the Arab world, Israel managed to defeat them all while pushing into enemy territory. While Israel’s surprise victory on that day has gone down as one of the most amazing moments in 20th century military history, it still came with devastating losses. More than 2,500 Israeli soldiers were killed during the Yom Kippur War while defending the State of Israel.

This year, as we approach the 45th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, Remembering Israel’s Fallen wishes to honor those soldiers. Each day leading up to Yom Kippur, we will be posting a different fallen soldier’s biography. Please read them and take a moment to think about the life that was lost, and of the ultimate sacrifice that these brave soldiers made so that the Jewish people can continue to observe Yom Kippur in Israel today.

Remembering the Yom Kippur War

Today we remember Yehuda Farkash

Yehuda was born on the 11th of Tevet 5702 (11.1.1942) in Tiberias, and grew up in Moshav Bnei Atarot where he worked on his father’s farm.

Yehuda was drafted into the IDF at the end of July 1959. He was originally assigned to the Nahal Brigade at the Ein Yahav outpost, but after completing a training course for infantry and platoon commanders, he was made into as a guide for a Paratroop battalion. After completing his regular service, he was appointed as a member of a reserve service in the Territorial Defense. Yehuda participated in the Six-Day War in the Paratroopers Brigade. After the war he asked for a transfer to a combat unit and was assigned to a reconnaissance company.

After his active duty, Yehuda married his girlfriend Margalit and established his home with her in Moshav Mazor. Yehuda began his own farm with greenhouses for flowers. Tragically, in 1967 Margalit wife was killed in a road accident. Yehuda, widowed with two small children, was forced to live in his parents’ house as they took care of the children. He himself continued to work in his greenhouses, recycling and marketing flowers.

When the Yom Kippur War broke out, Yehuda was called to his unit and found himself fighting in the Sinai. On October 10, 1973, while pursuing Egyptian commandos, Yehuda took a fatal wound to the head. He left behind a daughter, son, parents and sister. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of sergeant.

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